Friday, January 31, 2014

Am I Blue?

It's time to switch the Dining Room color. It' been 8 years.  I'm  overdue for a change up.  It's currently a brownish purple.  I am thinking blue and here is some of my inspiration. 

Peace out,

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I love green.

It's that time of year.  It's freezing and ugly outside.  The snow is brown and the trees are lifeless.  Seriously, the shrubs outside my house look clinically depressed.  It's easy to feel that way in New England in almost-February.  

I need to add some green to my life - some life to my everyday. 

Learn to do this
I don't understand this.  I guess that's what I like about it.

You can't forget to air a plant

so fresh and easy

So cute and customizable

Happy Green Day to you!
Peace, Nat

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Wine Crate

Nope.  It’s not the Franzia that stocks your aunt’s fridge.  
These are the beautiful, wooden, hand-stamped crates that I found first in my dad’s basement and now on craigslist and in trash piles behind my local wine store (it also helps to have friends who collect wine and are not nearly as interested in organization or aesthetics).

I have spent countless hours at the Container Store and Target searching for the perfect something to hold the strewn and disorganized mitten collection, dog leashes, my curated collection of teas...the list goes on.  Enter, the wine crate.  It’s simplicity and non-plastic, not-made-in China characteristics excite me. 

What started as a simple organizational hack has slowly infiltrated all areas of my life. 

The wine crate is now my patio planter for lettuces and herbs.  Just like the one above from hungry little elephant
It whispers that laid back, country vibe I yearn for in my suburban home. 

And the most exciting yet is my jewelry display - hung from the wall and used as a display cube.  Rocks and shells anchor hanging pieces.  Rings sit pretty and perfectly imperfect inside.  They look even better a little dirty.  This one was repurposed after it no longer held the soil for my lettuces.  

But, a wine crate isn't big enough to hold the stuffed animal family procreating in my daughter's room!  Check this out from Mimish - and it comes in a gazillion colors, to boot.
Check this out!  It's a beanbag.  Unreal.  

Tea time, Me time

So, I sit down around 2 most afternoons with a cup of tea. Usually something herbal and fruity.  I especially love a red rooibos tea mixed with some kind of citrus.  Teavana makes a good one (Youthberry mixed with orange blosson) but it's pricey. Recently, I've opted for the cheaper, but still delicious Numi Rooibos.

It's always fun to drink my tea out of vintage cups.  This one was purchased from an Etsy shop.  It's from Japan.  It's small and cute and poppy.  I imagine sitting in a zen rock garden with my journal (in my daydream I still write with pen and paper). It's quiet and a little cool.  

Here are others from my collection - all from Etsy.